About Us

About Us

About Gram Of Weed

Gram Of Weed is a digital resource that help you to find the best weed around at the cheapest price, our goal is to create a complete database based on the price of one gram depending on location. We feels that indexing the price of marijuana is something important and useful for the community of smokers and patients.In addition we creating a awesome blog for you which covered the entire marijuana news info, strains and dispensaries.Being part of the community never been so easy.

First time here ? Let’s discover the process.


Submit a Price


You just bought a some weed (that’s great) before enjoyed your purchase , connect to our website Gram Of Weed and click on “submit price”. A window will opened and right now the only thing you need to do is fill the blank with where you bought it and how much cost the gram then hit the button submit.



Explore The Price Data 

Gram of weed help people to keep in touch with the marijuana price depending on each place of the planet, directly thru our website you can consult it. Press the ” explore price data ” button and a Google map will open, navigate on the map and get informed on the price of the weed around the world.

Stay In Touch

With the blog Gram Of Weed team deliver the latest marijuana infos to our users.Follow the new start up coming on the market, stay informed on the upcoming cannabis event, or also consult our strains and dispensories directory.





Sit back relax, the Gram Of Weed team try to do everything to raise the user experience to highest point we working hard to give you a nice plateform, every feedback count don’t hesitate to give us a e-mail or message.We hope that you can find you hapiness with us.