the world’s first international marijuana brand is being created — and it will use Bob Marley’s likeness to promote it.

Marley’s family is working with private equity firm Privateer Holdings to create a company called Marley Natural.Its focus will be on distributing “heirloom Jamaican cannabis strains” of marijuana, but will also offer other things like creams and accessories emblazoned with the company’s branding and the reggae star’s name. Though the company will be rooted in New York City — where marijuana is only decriminalized at the moment — the plan is to grow, distribute, and sell it in areas where the plant is legal by the end of 2015. The other branded products will be available worldwide.

While fans will have wait to get their hands on the pop culture pioneer’s pot, the company has launched a website where users can do things like read up on what specific products will be offered, watch interviews with his family, and participate in the growing conversation about marijuana legalization

We can imagine a bright future for the company with the image that Bob Marley represent and also with the legalization mouvement growing all around the world.

We welcoming another new company in the Weed Business, don’t hesitate to visit our Start-up directory page.

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