Loud Challenge


I suppose that everyone remember the ALS ice bucket Challenge  which goes so viral that mostly everybody have done it. But it was not the first viral challenge that ever exist I remember the Neknominate that hit Facebook planet in the beginning of 2014. And now it sound like it’s time for the Loud Challenge

Concept is stupid and easy : smoke weed in at the most absurd of public locations and catch it on film, all without being nabbed by security. Whether it’s on the bus, in the airport or at the local shopping mall, smokers are starting to light up to get their few minutes of Youtube fame.


[su_youtube url=”” width=”420″ height=”300″]


I can’t prove that it will go as big as other challenge but it’s starting to catch some wind on social media and we all know how thing go fast on internet.. Maybe we can expect more people entering the Loud challenge.

Some people will scream that’s it’s completely absurd and un-useful and yes of course it is but that probably the number one ingredient of good viral challenge or video mix.. Entertainment and illegality !

Who will smoke in the most craziest place without getting arresting by cops? who will be the winner of the Loud challenge ? All those questions that’s can makes it go viral


What’s you guys thinking about Loud challenge?


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