Implement Compassionate care rights for patients and caregiver grow rights.


The current model in CT forces patients to purchase their medicine from CT dispensaries with regulations AGAINST patient to patient trade (even for free). These CT dispensaries charge, often times, 5 times the patient rate than in other medical marijuana states, and 3-4 times more than the street price currently in CT for a higher quality product. Patients in CT have no rights under the current regulations to procure medicine that actually offers relief from their condition. Also Patients have no rights to trade between patients. A full review of the current regulations 21a-408-1 though 21a-408-70 reveal that patient rights are clearly not considered and possibly even a direct violation of the “U.S. Patients bill of rights”.Patients need rights to access medicine at a fair value. A fair value for a plant that grows in the ground with sun and water, FAIR VALUE! Patient to patient trade, Caregiver grows (it is proven that experienced consumers of this medicine need to be able to consult new patients, not pharmacists who have no idea what the relief their patient even desires), Compassionate access to those less fortunate, these are all common sense HUMANITY issues. Please help change things in CT to offer a more compassionate avenue for those less fortunate.


Registered Patients need to be able to legally grow (even a regulated amount) Marijuana and process it into the medicine that treats the patient s affliction best. Production of Marijuana and Marijuana based products is part of healing NOT A CRIME. Please sign this petition in support of Patient grow, production, Patient to patient trade and caretaker rights. Thank you.




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