This was a good year for cannabis regulation, and I also believe that more and more american think that the 40 + years of prohibition wasn’t useful and are ready to make a change. You can expect to see more videos of grandma getting high for the first time ever, because cannabis is becoming mainstream.

but we still have a lot of work to kill the war on drugs, things could continu to growth in the good way or could also stop with a new president administration hostile to cannabis regulation.

Do you also remember the story of the Texas Teen that was Facing Possible Life in Prison For Hash Brownies ? Dont forget that the drug war is still going on in most of the states and almost everywhere else on the planet. But I’m hoping that the USA could take the lead in this trend of cannabis regulation because the green gold rush is of course also a profitable business for the American economy.

And maybe this trend could also inspired some Europeans leader to study regulation cannabis usage. France still got the highest number of cannabis users in Europe with 550 500 daily pot smokers and 14 millions occasionally smokers but even worst at the age of 17 almost half of the young french people had tried cannabis. French citizens can still be convicted to jail for smoking a joint or growing pot for their personal usage or even worst illness can’t be threat with cannabis because France never recognize marijuana as a true medicine.

The cannabis situation isn’t getting the hype

And almost no leader are talking about this war on drug situation.

Germany is the first european country to open up the debate, Neumann is part of a group consisting of 122 law professors who signed a petition in favor of a more liberal drug policies.

“The debate has been stalled for years and has been ideologically conditioned”

Let’s empower ourself on this war on drug policies and try to make our tomorrow world a better place. 




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